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We’re creating a sound poem of Amble called 'The Rime' - from the chirps of cracking ice to the chug of boats on the tide. We’re taking your ears where your feet can’t go, revealing hidden worlds...

Thanks to a project grant from Arts Council England, I've been working as part of a small creative team on a community project called The Rime. We've been in that brilliant first stage of research and development, asking for stories and community contributions, and getting to know Amble with microphones!

We have finished our first phase, and my wee poem is now live! You can go directly to its home by visiting here, or if you aren't in a rush, take your time and enjoy our digital scrapbook - with field recordings, spoken poetry, sights and sounds from the community, and colourful graphic scores from keen local students!

" taking your ears where your feet can't go... "

It gives me such life to work with talented artists. Matthew Tuckey, Katie Doherty, and Corrie Livesey - what a team to be in the room with! 

This is a relay process - Matt and Katie will be working to put "flesh on the bones" of our sound poem in the next phase. They'll be responding to my piece, which will serve as the narrative structure for all the rich textures and music they create. 

The end goal is to have a touring sound installation - a physical space you can walk into, to be immersed in a sound journey filled with wonder. 

Keep checking in - watch this space!

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